Mid Summer Notes


+-*It occured to me this weekend that your baby isn’t your baby any more when she turns 19. Last August I turned fifty and as the summer heat comes in full bloom, its seems I’ve also hit mid-life. It’s not a bad thing. Mothering has been such an intregal part of my life, I mothered […]

Growing Up Late…

+-*As a strategist for business I may be tenacious and sure of how I work with creating successful outcomes, but in my personal life I’ve been perhaps slow to catch on that the choice is always mine.  Too often I have been told, searched research, or had other influences that implied that I “should” do […]

Happy Father’s Day

Les Berry Sr

+-*Thankful this morning for all the individuals who will step up to the plate to be “fathers” for others in need. Thankful for those who see the lawns needing mowed, the hands held, the bats and gloves adjusted, the tosses thrown. Thankful this morning for substitute fathers, for single moms, foster parents, neighbors, bosses, church […]

Seasons of daring again

2013-09-20 13.00.52-1

+-*This time of year its easy to find pictures of seeds sprouting, of flowers blooming and seasons coming into bloom. For the rode-hard warrior, spring’s planting may be a trepidous thing, the pictures encourage us with beautiful bounty on the seed packets, the bags of soil promising healthy, happy growth, but for those of us […]