They all fly home

Have you ever had a moment where life just simply became timeless? This weekend our oldest children, my step children to be technically correct though we never embraced the mine, or yours theories..just survived them all , came home for the weekend with their significant other and spouses. Thirteen years into a blended family, my […]

And the rain did pour, came down down down…

 Over the weekend we drove to Arkansas from our home at the foothills of the Appalachias and then, as life would have it, back unexpectedly.(when you have four young adults, SOMEONE always has a car issue, it is a sure bet if you’re ever at the track) Thirteen hours in a truck, followed by twenty […]

Wisdom Part 2

This is the second part of a post, to read the first part go here: I thought I was being generous to drive six hours each weekend each way. I thought I was saving the trouble for someone else, who worked with torches welding and if tired might be burned. I thought I was being […]

Old we grow…and hopefully wiser too

The path of a blended family is sometimes challenging. When Dh and I married almost thirteen years ago we had four children ages five to sixteen, we lived at that time, six hours from one another, and our children had met each other exactly twice when we decided to marry. (it was either marry or […]