The Harvest is Worth the Labor

2015-07-17 10.10.11

+-*As a strategist, the days are often long on production days at the studio, time writing with clients can fill a week, I love the work I do. The work itself is rewarding but the goal of my work is to not only empower the people I work with but to engage opportunities for my […]

The Weekend Closet


+-*This weekend was a surprise hum dinger. We went to the Morgan County Decatur’s Farmers Market to pick up fresh peaches, peas, and corn. It was hotter than blue blazes but it was so very good to see our friends there.  After the market we scored tickets to see the Bank Street Players rendition of […]

A new definition of successful living


+-*Success is often something very different than what is first admired. We each have such a limited perspective of what the experience of success is. We see things, we think “I’d love to do that” and then we’re off to the races. When I taught school children had a way of defining often something that […]

The Common Faith


+-*My Grandfather Geddie, a lay minister for the Methodist church, traveled to rural areas near my childhood home in Arkansas some weekends and gave the sermon . A six foot twoish man, Grandfather Geddie experienced his life, and not from a silver spoon. He lost his father early on, took on a man’s work by […]