Motivation over messy

Monday mornings sometime hit like a freight train at #TheTackyBrownHouse. We’re apparently not well trained at picking up as we go during weekends.  Too often I wake up to a kitchen the seemed to have a really messy family living in it all weekend. Sigh, the goal was togetherness, I just didn’t realize the price […]

New blooms

It’s the dawning of spring at #thetackybrownhouse. We have lived in our renovation project for twelve continuous months now and it definitely is home.  Buying a house at auction was a risky thing for us, we sought coming to our little town because it is a quieter place than our previous city. The three acres […]

When Routines RAWK!

In our LIVE hangout discussions at “Between Us Girls” at ( a community for creative and gifted girls of all ages) we are discussing how routines can really support a peaceful and productive life.(read more here later)  Boy is that the understatement of the world for my personal experience.  Routines, that is, figuring out […]

They all fly home

Have you ever had a moment where life just simply became timeless? This weekend our oldest children, my step children to be technically correct though we never embraced the mine, or yours theories..just survived them all , came home for the weekend with their significant other and spouses. Thirteen years into a blended family, my […]