Refresh…it’s not just for computer screens

Photo Dec 06, 11 17 30 AM

+-*The morning is quiet here, an unusual time of day for folks to still be asleep. I awoke early and quietly came to enjoy the morning view out the front windows and some reading time. The quiet for me is as refreshing as the sleep for them. I love such mornings, we each do what […]

10 minutes to Ahh…

The Red Chair

+-*Do you have cluttery places in your home? Living in a small home means for us that we have to really tune in to clutter spots or the whole experience feels yuck. At this time in the tacky brown house, we are working on a new bedroom which translates my wardrobe, which is now my […]

Monday Momentum

Front Window View

+-*It’s Monday again, a fresh new week. The rains have temporarily halted and the world outside looks green and lush. The morning routines of waking, showering, and being dressed for the day have come and gone and now it’s time to line out the week.  How do you line out your week? I typically spend […]

Saturday Riches

stories along the way

+-*The morning brought no more rain after days of rainy wet mornings. Our yard in town had already gotten shin high, and the push mower our son had had capooted on his watch. A few hours did not improve the situation, so he borrowed a mower and got his yard back under control. The mower […]