Storms are passing

stories along the way

The last few days in our area have been plagued with stormy winds and harsh weather. Trees were blown like small sticks and there were many moments of harsh realities of fifty mile an hour driving winds.The next day the sun came out and the storm was over. Sticks and trunks populate our land still,  for the rest of the story, follow me to

On the Road…Minneapolis

This day finds me in Minneapolis as I have been for a few days. A beautiful time of year to visit the Twin Cities, for fall is every where and the cooler temperatures have just arrived. I had the privilege of visiting the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum on Sunday, a work of living art that brought  for the rest of the story, follow me to

Changing Seasons

One of my favorite periods of the year is fall. There is something about seeing the leaves change colors and release from the trees that reminds me to  for the rest of the story, follow me to

Fall is Arriving


It's that time of year again, the summer heat and long days are slipping away and the luxorious days of Fall are beginning. I love the colors of Fall.  for the rest of the story, follow me to