Seasons of daring again

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+-*This time of year its easy to find pictures of seeds sprouting, of flowers blooming and seasons coming into bloom. For the rode-hard warrior, spring’s planting may be a trepidous thing, the pictures encourage us with beautiful bounty on the seed packets, the bags of soil promising healthy, happy growth, but for those of us […]


This Mother's Day

+-*Mother’s Day means so many things to so many hearts. As a mom, a daughter, a stepmom, mom, and granddaughter the day will represent loss, love, and memories as well as hope.  I have had the blessing of many strong women who mothered and continue to mother me on my journey through life. I love […]

What’s Next

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+-*Spring brings in the “What’s Next” questions again. We’ve avoided doing plumbing under the house during the wet winter months. That choice meant a domino of effects on completing our small master bath.  We have several big projects for the next series of renovation goals: Master bath plumbing Flooring for the new bedroom Replace siding […]

What does your garden grow?


+-*Our weekend at #thetackybrownhouse was home focused. It’s been an unusually cool spring in Northern Alabama so we have waited to do our outside growing beds. I am a beginner at gardening, more successful with flowers than my vegetable garden. A few years ago we purchased 3 above ground boxes for our urban home, and […]