Are you burying your gifts?


There is a story in the Bible about three men who were given talents and later questioned about what they did with them. Two of the folks used their talents, coins of that day, to invest, to grow other opportunities. One was afraid of losing his and buried it, returning no profit from the gift.  He … [Continue reading]

Small comforts often denied


One of the realities of living through a year long renovation is that you begin to appreciate small comforts and live with discomforts you cannot change. Our 1955 home is on top of a slight hill, about six miles from the urban life we lived a year ago. It's presence found after looking much further … [Continue reading]

How will you frame that?


It's a busy season at the Perch, my Dh's role at work is accelerated, there are extra activities to attend, gifts to buy and time just seems to fly … [Continue reading]

Wondrous Words


During the holidays I see so much more pain. It's almost palatable when I go to a store and see individuals hurting, struggling to choose what they … [Continue reading]